Hey everyone!!!

It's that time of year again. Our Halloween party this year will actually be the night of Halloween, which is a Friday.

Our theme this year is MONSTER MASH-UP. Imagine if Superman were a vampire or Batman was a werewolf or Robin was a screaming queen, okay, that's too easy but take your favorite character and mash it up with anything or anyone you think would be fun and amazing. It doesn't just have to be monsters or superheroes, it could be characters from literature or anything your imagination can dream up.

We will be starting around 5 PM this year and we'll go until everyone is sick of going. ;-)

It's gonna be a blast. We hope you can attend.

We would like you to bring a law...n chair, as most of our activities take place outside. We will supply hot dogs for roasting over the bonfire and buns and the "fixings". We would like you to bring your favorite dish. Everyone can post what they're bringing so we don't end up with 20 green bean casseroles. LOL

Also BYOB this year but I will have some "punch" that will definitely knock you out.

We look forward to seeing everyone.